Salones Florida is a privately held facility management company that provides food services. We meet the needs and high expectations of demanding customers and consumers by offering unique menus that include appetizing products, creative healthy food presentation, impeccable cleaning management, affordable prices and fast, high-quality service.

We are the best choice for educational institutions and companies that want to optimize the nutritional experience of their employees or students. Our wide variety of healthy foods promotes the development of healthy eating habits. With our breakfast, snack and lunch menus, we achieve our primary goal: healthy, energetic, focused and alert people.

Salones Florida. is an original and innovative alternative for managers who want to optimize their healthy food services, but also need to reduce operational costs.

Salones Florida. complies with the nutritional values, safety standards and quality controls established by the laws of Puerto Rico. In addition, our company has been successful thanks to our expertise in food supply and delivery, exceptional work equipment and ability to meet the needs of the contemporary consumer.


Our goal is to get our customers to adopt good eating habits, as part of their lifestyle, to become healthy people with both physical and mental agility. Since we are professionals with years of experience in the food industry, we are aware that it is not enough to serve the plate of food. It is important to provide our customers with the highest quality healthy food and excellent service.

The increase in the rates of eating disorders and obesity in the Puerto Rican population is alarming. Therefore, we must take an active role in providing solutions to these already endemic problems. Ensuring that employees and students have good nutrition will improve performance. People who eat healthy food well are better able to exploit their skills while enjoying healthier lifestyles.

How do we work?

As a food service company, Salones Florida. frees the management of your company or school from any concerns they may have about the management of the cafeteria and assumes responsibility for the management and maintenance of cafeteria facilities and equipment. Diverse population groups are comprised of diverse healthy food needs with varying interests and tastes. For this reason, Salones Florida. is committed to preparing breakfasts, snacks, and lunches at facilities that capture the attention of consumers while implementing: food and waste management, a variety of payment methods, sanitation measures, and facility maintenance.

Our qualifications

Salones Florida . is a conglomerate of professionals and experts with more than 10 years of experience in the education, nutrition and food service sectors. Within three years of establishing ourselves, we have positioned ourselves as one of the best companies in the healthy food service industry.

This company was born out of a concern to see high levels of eating disorders resulting from poor nutrition and, above all, lack of education. Therefore, we are a group of professionals who have the education and experience to help their employees or students learn to develop the taste and interest for good healthy food.