Women are responsible, resourceful and encouraging -productive at work, and super-heroes at home! Without them, a family or workplace is incomplete. They hold a special status in our souls and lives. Have you ever thought how stressed these beautiful minds are? While they look after everybody around them, they neglect themselves and care the least about their health and bodies. For today’s busy women, yoga is the only answer to their well-being and long-term good health. We¬†recommend these 5 Yoga Poses for Women.

1. The Plank Pose

Benefit: Useful for making arms, shoulder, back, core and quadricep strong. It is also beneficial for building upper body strength.

How to do it?

– Begin on all fours with your feet and knees hip-width separated. Place your hands approximately shoulder-width apart and expand your fingers far from each other.

– Face downward and squeeze into your palms and bring your ribs forward in such a way that your shoulders are immediately above your wrists.

– Push your heels toward the surface behind you and extend the top of your head in the forward direction to form a vertical line from the tip of your head to your feet. Keep the position for at least one minute.

2. The Tree Pose

Benefit: When your mind feels messed up and agonized, following this pose will help you attain calmness and tranquility. It is useful for strengthening the spine and legs.

How to do it?

– Stand with your feet and legs concurrently and hands on haunches. Shift your burden to your left foot as you curl your right knee and put the bottom of your right foot on the interior of your left leg.

– Face earthward, lift your arms straight up in the air, press your palms together. Draw your ribs in front in such a way that your shoulders are directly above your wrists.

3. The Boat Pose

Benefit: The boat pose helps in strengthening your upper torso and arms.

How to do it?

– Sit with your knee joints bent and feet level on the floor. Bend back somewhat. Elevate your legs, so that your calf muscles are lateral to the ground with knees bent.

– Stretch your arms in front, parallel to the ground and palms facing inside. Keep your chest raised and your core occupied. Slowly begin to unfold your legs. Continue for at least 5 minutes. Repeat 3-4 times.

4. The Embryo Pose

Benefit: This pose is excellent for relieving tightness in the lower back.

How to do it?

– Bend on a yoga mat with your toes touching the ground and knees apart. Rest on your heels.

– Lay your trunk in between your thighs and touch your forehead on the mat. Stretch your arms vertical in the forward direction, palms on the floor. Shut your eyes and inhale strongly. Sustain the position for at least one minute.

5. The Camel Pose

Benefit: This pose is excellent for restoring the spine, loosening the chest and toning the thighs.

How to do it?

– Sit on floor on your knees and bend backward in such a way that you throw your head backward and look towards the ceiling.

– Take you hands behind of back and try to hold your toes while maintaining the back bend posture. Hold for two-three minutes.

Yoga for women is the best way to live a stress free and energy filled life. Do try these poses for a healthy body and mind!