This page details the policies that regard the collection, disclosure, as well as the use of personal information by those who visit this website. Your personal information on this website can only be used to improve it, and you agree to the use of data with regard to this policy.

Collection and use of Data

Whenever you visit this website as a user, you may be requested to provide certain information or details that may identify you. This will basically include your personal data, such as name and email address, which will be used by the website for confidential purposes.


Just like most other websites, we also use cookies to collect data. The cookies will also enable you to use this website in the best way possible. It is therefore very important to ensure you have cookies enabled in your browser if you want to get the best access to this website. The cookies also contain unique identifiers, which are stored in your local drive, once they get to your browser.


Your personal data or information as received on this website will be treated with utmost care as it is also valuable to us. However, we cannot guarantee total security as it is transmitted online, and therefore it is very important to ensure you also protect your data as well.

Alterations to this Policy

This privacy policy is deemed to be effective unless there are changes or alterations that are to be made. We have the right to change or alter this policy at any given time, based on the developments of the website. Your use of the website also confirms that you agree with any kind of changes that we make to the website, as well as a consent to abide by the changes we make on this website. In case of any changes made, we will be sure to inform you or update you either through a notice or contact you on email.

Contact us

In case of any issues, queries or clarifications that you need to know, you can contact us through the detailed contacts on this website.